Legal Translations: Things to Consider

One of the most complicated translation job that needs a lot of knowledge as well as precautions while doing is the legal translations. Basically, from the term itself, it is a sensitive case and one wrong translation may cause some big commotions, that is why only people who do this are professionals and knowledgeable enough about the subject matter.

Legal translation usually refers to the translation of the texts that deals with the law and so a lot of precautions should be taken care of in order to produce the right and reliable translation of it especially if you are doing a Spanish translation as there are some words that can be confusing. Visit languages page for details at:

Who can do the translation?

Not all people have the privilege to freely translate this kind of document and only those who are eligibly professional translators that are specializing in legal translation have the right to do this.

Things to Remember while Translating

  1. The document that you are translating is about the law and it is a sensitive file wherein one wrong mistake of translation could lead to some misunderstandings, as well as loss of money and lawsuits.
  2. You have to remember that the source text that was given to you were written based in the culture of the country where it came from that is why the target text needed should be able to reflect the language as well.
  3. Remember that the reader of the document will be in the same field of law and may be related to the jurisdiction of the country. Your grammar and as well as the structure of writing would be able to fairly connected it to other laws that has been imposed to the reader’s country.
  4. Early preparations, researches, and studies are needed. If you are not that sure on what you have written in the translated document, you have to check it carefully with the use of researches and other references in order to provide reliable information about the subject. You can also use some law dictionaries for future purposes.

Hiring the Right Legal Translator

They may not be a lot of legal translator in the market right now but you have to make sure that you are going to hire the right one for the position. In order for you to successfully do that, you may consider the following:


  1. Find some translation agencies. Right now, there are some translation agencies that are popping out everywhere, you can ask them to give you a list of their legal translators where you can finally have the chance to look out for.
  2. Have a background check. When you say background check, you don’t have to know almost all the details about that legal translator, past works, feedbacks, and opinions from other clients could be a great one to check on as this could be a basis for your decisions.
  3. Ask for some sample translation jobs. Eventually, a professional legal translator would be able to provide you some quick translation samples which you can use to evaluate them right in front of you. Visit our website for more about language translation
  4. Know the average rate. There are some translators that may asked you for some extra payment which depends on the work that they have done. Make sure that your payment will be just enough to the service that they provide to you.

2 comments on “Legal Translations: Things to Consider

  1. Mmm … even with the very best on hand, How can you translate, for example, the Common Law ‘consideration’ in to Civil Law; or ‘causa’ vice versa ?

  2. I have just provided a legal interpreting service to an int’l conference. The topic was about Detention and the problem of deprivation of liberty. The issue was not about individual words but about the concept behind the words. In China, there are so many forms of detention or coercive lockup centers. How to get the message across was a big challenging task. “Shuangui” Rehabilitation Center,, Forced asylum detention, holding facility, public assistance institution, reform through labour, reform through re-education….I think those professors were at losses on those terms. It would take a long time to explain – how to balance. The speaker expected you complete shortly after he spoke. However, on more than one occasion, I added some explanation after my interpreting: re-education through labour (it was an administrative detention); reform through labour ( it was a criminal punishment)….
    Would be logical to charge double the fee.

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